Specialty projects

When we say “we build and fix everything but broken hearts” we really mean that.  Every project has a story, is treated with most respect and dedication. Most of the projects are simple and straight forward, but there are some that needs special attention, a combination of creativity, engineering and ingenuity. They are challenging projects that need to be done. We take customer idea to the heart, we do the research, use our resources, experience, knowledge and creativity and we get it done. There is nothing we cannot build or fix.
    Here is one of the challenging examples: we were contacted by a customer that had an autistic child, that had to be kept in an isolation room. Everything had to be child proof, including the removal of all electrical outlets, door knob, light fixtures and even walls. The walls had to be covered in wood panels. There was one problem left. The child had a favorite show that she  really liked but could not watch because anything extra in the room would be destroyed. So we came up with an idea: we cut a square in the wall, installed a bullet proof glass and behind the glass we installed a smart tv where she can watch her favorite show. We drilled holes in the glass where we attached a speaker so the sound would go through. Also, we were able to install a surveillance camera behind the glass so her mom can watch her through her phone.